concrete work

Concrete structures can survive in any industrial environment because of their strength and durability. Most concrete structures have a lifespan of more than 100 years. Nevertheless, your industrial concrete work won’t last long if it doesn’t receive proper routine care and maintenance. Follow these tips to maintain your industrial concrete work.

1. Clean Your Concrete Work

The most obvious tip for maintaining your industrial concrete work is to clean it. Cleaning your concrete using the right material will remove dirt and debris, which tend to damage concrete. Cleaning will also make your concrete work look attractive.

2. Seal Your Concrete Work

Apart from cleaning, sealing will help in maintaining your concrete and extending its lifespan. There are different concrete sealer options that you can choose from. Applying sealers to the surface of your concrete work will protect it from staining and getting damaged. Remove any dirt, dust, or stain on concrete before applying sealers for maximum benefit.

3. Don’t Put Excess Weight on Your Concrete

Even though concrete structures and surfaces are strong and durable, putting heavy materials on your concrete work can damage it. Heavy materials and machinery like excavators and delivery vehicles can be detrimental to your concrete work. Limit the amount of weight you put on your concrete work if you want it to last for long.

4. Use the Right Chemicals

You should avoid using certain chemicals on your industrial concrete work if you want to maintain it. Certain chemicals like magnesium chloride are more damaging to concrete. They corrode and penetrate concrete surfaces. Other chemicals like fertilizers can stain your concrete work. Use concrete-specific chemicals to avoid unnecessary damages. It would help to read instructions and disclaimers on chemicals before using them on your concrete work.

5. Conduct Routine Maintenance

Your concrete work will get damaged after some time, no matter how good you look after it. Set a regular schedule to inspect and repair your concrete work for any damages. Regular inspection and maintenance will help handle minor issues and prevent them from causing significant damage to your concrete work. Routine maintenance will also save you a lot of money and time.

Using the tips outlined in this guide will help maintain your concrete work. They will make your concrete look good and extend its lifespan. Remember to use the right tools and chemicals on your concrete and conduct routine maintenance to repair minor damages.