When you think of grout, you probably think of the stuff between bathroom or kitchen tiles. But grout has many heavy-duty applications in industrial settings too. Keep reading to learn more about how specialty grouts are used in factories, plants, and other industrial environments.

Prevent Chemical Damage

Industrial sites often use harsh chemicals and solvents that can degrade or stain normal grout. Epoxy or urethane-based specialty grouts are resistant to these corrosive substances. Using chemical-resistant grout prevents hazardous liquids from seeping underneath and causing structural issues. It also makes cleaning up spills simple with no staining or etching.

Increase Safety

Smooth, even grout helps provide traction for workers’ shoes in slippery industrial environments. Certain grouts contain gritty fillers that create textured surfaces. This improves safety and reduces the risk of falls and injuries, even when the floor is wet. Grout can also be sloped to direct spills and liquids away from high-traffic zones.

Withstand High Temperatures

Facilities like factories and commercial kitchens deal with high heat on a regular basis. Extreme temperatures can damage typical grout. Industrial grouts are formulated with heat-resistant polymers and aggregates. They can withstand the conduction of heat from equipment like ovens without cracking or disintegrating.

Simplify Maintenance and Repairs

Industrial grout holds up well under pressure, but it may still need occasional maintenance. Epoxy or urethane grouts are easy to clean by simply wiping away dirt and debris. Small cracks and holes can also be patched to prevent additional damage. Repairing industrial grout is much simpler than tearing out and re-grouting an entire area.

Prevent Microbial Growth

Damp, porous grout can allow mold, mildew, and bacteria to grow, especially in rooms with water and food prep. Industrial grouts contain antimicrobial additives to inhibit microbial growth. This keeps facilities up to code and the indoor air quality safe for workers. The additives continue working for the lifetime of the grout.

When choosing specialty grout for industrial use, consider the specific conditions of your facility. The product you select should stand up to the type of traffic, chemicals, temperature,s and potential contaminants on site. According to Grand View Research, the concrete floor coatings market size in the United States has a value of $298.2 million. With heavy-duty grout in place, your floors will stay level, safe, and sanitary for years to come. Contact GFP Mobile Mix today to learn more about your industrial grout options.