Mixed concrete is nothing new, but rapid-set concrete mixes take the idea to a whole new level. Rapid-setting concrete mixes are a revolutionary way to deliver concrete. They enable you to build faster, stronger, and smarter than ever before. Let’s take a look at seven different benefits of rapid-set mixes that will help transform the way you do business.

1. You Can Build with Less Labor

Time is money, and the longer your projects take to build, the more it costs you. This is why rapid-set concrete mixes are so attractive: they help reduce labor times by about 50%. Instead of 48 hours to set, your curbs can be cast in as little as 20 minutes. That’s because these mixes have two distinct ingredients that, when combined, enable a concrete slab or other projects to cure faster than ever before.

2. They’re Environmentally Friendly, Too

In addition to their reduced labor times, these mixes are also environmentally friendly. That’s because rapid-set concrete mixes have a low content of water which in turn creates fewer carbon emissions which are better for the environment. Rapid-setting concrete is strong enough to be used in bridges and other large structures without cracking. These mixes can provide years of construction while still being relatively lightweight and easy to handle.

3. You Can Build with Less Concrete

Rapid-setting concrete has another unique advantage: you can build with less concrete than ever before–and that means saving money on material costs as well as time. This type of mix enables you to cure your projects fully within 24 hours or less. And, with less concrete needed, you can build more projects in a short period using the same amount of materials.

4. You Can Build Faster and More Responsively

Here’s yet another reason why rapid-set concrete mixes are so great: they help you cure faster when compared to traditional concrete mixes, which means building faster. As an owner working on tight deadlines to meet permit requirements or grand openings, this benefit alone is worth giving it a try. Concrete that sets within 24 hours and cures in as few as five days allows construction crews to work around the clock when needed rather than waiting for normal drying schedules, resulting in fewer mistakes and better overall time management.

5. You Can Work with Less Waste

One of the biggest challenges of concrete construction is to make sure you don’t have any waste. Wasted concrete is a big problem, but you can significantly cut back on this issue when you use rapid-set cement mixes. Since there’s no need for staging or pre-mixing, each batch gets used up perfectly. This means that it’ll be much easier to keep your project moving at full speed without having to worry about wasted material creating problems in the future.

6. You Can Make Better Use of Resources

When you use rapid-set concrete mixes, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the limestone or sand used in your mixes. This kind of concrete is ready to go as soon as it’s mixed, so there’s no need for aging. Many people assume that rapid-setting compounds take a long time to cure because they’re designed without pre-mixing, but this isn’t true at all. These mixtures can be poured and finished within a day or two, making them feasible even in cold weather conditions.

7. You Can Save Money

Traditional materials cost more than rapid-setting cement in general because they take longer to work with. Pre-mixing, staging, and curing all require time and space in the middle of your job site, which means that you’ll have to dedicate extra resources to these activities. When it comes to rapid-setting mixes, everything is streamlined and focused on efficiency. This means fewer man-hours are required for production, which results in lower costs overall.

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