Concrete is one of the world’s most commonly used construction materials. It’s a versatile building material with many applications, from sidewalks to skyscrapers. In recent years concrete has been thrust into the spotlight for its volumetric concrete delivery system, which has given concrete an entirely new utility and some surprising advantages.

Volumetric concrete has been measured and mixed in a portable concrete mixer capable of producing concrete at any consistency. The concrete is then poured into place in the quantities desired by contractors. This delivery method can be particularly useful for specialty concrete jobs because it reduces labor and equipment expenditures associated with traditional concrete delivery methods. Read on to learn more about volumetric concrete delivery and see how it might be useful for your company or project!

1. No Additives Needed

Conventional concrete requires additives to make it dry in colder climates. Volumetric concrete, however, is ready-to-use concrete and does not require any additional ingredients to be added. Because of this, volumetric concrete can go straight from the concrete mixer truck to your location without needing any further processing. This reduces the amount of time that concrete sits in a container waiting for it to thaw and dry out before concrete production can occur. It also means less waste since no excess concrete has to be dumped because it cannot possibly contain all of the other ingredients required for standard concrete production.

2. Consistent Quality

When concrete is mixed by hand, there is a greater risk that quality control will be lacking. By mixing concrete with a concrete mixer truck, concrete suppliers ensure that quality is consistently monitored and recorded using concrete sensors in the concrete mixer truck. The concrete production process becomes more controlled and efficient, which results in less waste. Furthermore, when concrete is produced at high volumes, it is difficult for workers to keep up with the demand without compromising consistency and quality.

3. Less Water and Energy Required

Volumetric concrete takes up less water than concrete mixes, which in turn means a lower carbon footprint. Volumetric concrete also doesn’t require concrete mixing to begin since the concrete is ready-to-use straight from the concrete mixer truck. Less water and energy are required to produce volumetric concrete, making for a more environmentally responsible way of getting ready mix concrete delivered.

4. Reduced Labor Costs

Since concrete is mixed with a concrete mixer truck instead of by hand, concrete suppliers can reduce labor costs. This means you will get more concrete for your money. It also means contractors have to hire fewer people to complete concrete production, resulting in fewer man-hours and lower labor costs.

5. Easier Application

The concrete delivered to your concrete project is ready to be used. There is no need for concrete mixing and concrete pouring. Conventional concrete production requires concrete to be mixed, poured into a form, and then left until it dries. You can use concrete sensors in the concrete mixer truck to measure the concrete’s moisture content at different stages of production, so you know when it is ready for application.

6. Higher Strength

The concrete produced by concrete mixer trucks is stronger than concrete mixed by hand. This means concrete delivered on a volumetric concrete delivery truck has to be less thick when applied, reducing the overall cost of concrete production. Not only that, but concrete containing higher strength allows for greater flexibility during application. It can also be used in various applications because it will not crack and break under pressure.

Finally, high-strength concrete also means long-lasting and more durable surfaces that maintain their appearance year after year without replacement or repair.

Get the right concrete suppliers

For contractors or individuals who need concrete delivered, volumetric concrete is the best option. Why? Because it’s ready to use and does not require mixing! This makes for a faster delivery time as well as more concrete per truckload. So if you are looking for an environmentally friendly way of getting your ready mix concrete delivered, contact concrete suppliers in Delaware that offer volumetric concrete delivery.