Concrete is consistently used for sidewalks. You won’t find an asphalt sidewalk very often, if ever. That’s because concrete has specific properties, making it an excellent choice for sidewalks. This article will review the most common reasons we see concrete sidewalks everywhere.


Concrete remains well-known for its exceptional durability. This material can easily handle excessive foot traffic without breaking under pressure. It can also withstand harsh conditions and accidents. A car ramping onto the sidewalk or severe thunderstorms won’t make your concrete sidewalk break. The excellent durability means cities and businesses spend less on street and sidewalk repairs.


According to Concrete Financial Insights, in 2021, 9.4 billion cubic meters of this material were produced. Part of the reason we produce so much concrete is because it’s so popular due to its long lifespan. Concrete can last years longer than other materials, so it’s often the material of choice for infrastructure projects and sidewalks.


Many people consider how much maintenance a material requires before they use it. Concrete is known for being relatively low maintenance. People can enjoy concrete for years without worrying about significant street and sidewalk repairs. Concrete must be repaired promptly if it cracks or breaks. Sealing concrete after it’s first laid is common, but this isn’t always necessary because concrete is so durable.


When most people envision concrete, they think of cold, grey sidewalks. However, modern technology has brought innovative designs and methods to the forefront of the concrete industry. Polished concrete sidewalks offer a professional appeal that screams modernism. Colored concrete helps businesses stand out while instantly increasing aesthetic appeal.


Concrete is known for being an eco-friendly choice. It’s naturally derived from rock and other raw materials. The production of concrete is simple. However, the exceptional durability means fewer street and sidewalk repairs, so businesses don’t use as much concrete as they would other materials. Concrete is biodegradable and can be recycled at the end of its lifespan.

When you want to start a new project, durability and ease of installation are usually in your mind, which is why concrete is the most common material. GFP Mobile Mix specializes in metered concrete delivery services. Contact us today to learn more about our concrete services.