concrete supply

Concrete can be used for a variety of projects, such as making a walkway, patio, or driveway. The key to achieving great results in any of these endeavors is having the right concrete — which a concrete supply store can help you with — and the right tools. Here are the supplies you need for a successful concrete project.

Concrete Mix

In order to ensure your concrete project is successful, you need to have a quality concrete mix. A concrete supply store can help you to get the materials you require. The specific type of concrete you will need varies based on many factors, including your specific project requirements. As you select the right mix for your project, consider what qualities you need your concrete to have, including strength, durability, and curing time. Always follow the specifications provided by the manufacturer to ensure you are using the right concrete for your needs and mixing it correctly.

Reinforcement Materials

Another essential component of a successful concrete project is reinforcements. Reinforcements are needed for large projects, such as driveways or foundations. You want to use steel reinforcements, such as rebar or wire mesh, to help add strength to your structure and prevent cracking. For small projects, you should look for either fiberglass or synthetic fibers, which can be added to the concrete to make it stronger and longer lasting.

Concrete Tools

The final thing that you need to ensure your concrete project is successful is the right concrete tools. Tools help to mix, handle, shape, and smooth concrete. Some of the different tools that you may need include a wheelbarrow or mixing tub, a shovel or hoe, a trowel, a concrete vibrator, an edger, a groover, and bull floats. Always consult with a concrete professional to find out what tools you need for your project and how to use those tools properly.

Having the right supplies is a must to ensure your concrete project goes well. In addition to using the supplies above, you must allow your concrete to fully cure, or harden. According to the American Concrete Institute, slabs on the ground — such as sidewalks, parking lots, driveways and floors — and structural concrete — including bridges, decks, piers, columns, beams, and retaining walls — need at least seven days of temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit to properly cure. If you are ready to get started on a concrete project, GFP Mobile Mix Supply can help. Reach out to our concrete supply store today to get the supplies you need for a successful project.