Concrete is a durable structure known for its strength and longevity. According to the University of New South Wales, most concrete structures have the potential to last longer than 100 years. This makes concrete an ideal material for multiple industrial projects. Here are a few of the projects it can be used for.


Bridges require superior durability. They have tons of pounds on them as cars and large vehicles drive across them. These structures must handle that additional weight without breaking, making concrete an exceptional choice. Bridges can be built with concrete or a combination of concrete and metal.


Skyscrapers and large buildings also require superior durability to ensure they don’t buckle under weight or sway in harsh winds. Concrete is often used for the foundation and various parts of the structure. It combines massive steel beams to provide a sturdy building lasting hundreds of years.


Hydropower continues to increase in popularity as more of the world goes green, making concrete dams necessary. These dams help power hydroelectric power plants but must withstand up to thousands of pounds of water pressure and handling getting wet. Concrete does just that and still lasts several years. This is why it’s the primary material used to build dams.

Oil Rigs

Oil rigs built offshore are subject to marine conditions that can corrode various materials and metals. They are also subject to excessive wear and tear, making a durable material like concrete necessary. Concrete doesn’t disintegrate when it comes in contact with salt water, and it can handle the pressure of the weight on top of it while dealing with weather. There are not a lot of materials that are capable of that.

Wastewater Treatment

Concrete and reinforced concrete are vital in these industrial structures. Many manholes and sewers run under the city are made from concrete because this structure won’t collapse. Sewers often run under roads and other necessary infrastructure, making it essential that they are made from a material that can handle the weight on them on top of the ground. If sewers collapse, it creates a small sinkhole. That’s where concrete saves the day.

Concrete is often used in industrial projects that need a durable material capable of handling a lot of weight and can last for years. It’s also low maintenance. Contact us to see how we can help you with your concrete needs.