concrete contractors

Concrete is typically used for sidewalks, basement floors, and driveways. According to Fixr, it’s probably the most common material used today because the mixture of sand, gravel, cement, and water creates an extremely durable surface. Due to its durability, there are several other non-traditional uses for concrete.

Stepping Stones

If you bought concrete in bulk from a concrete contractor, you can easily make your own stepping stones for your garden with the leftovers! Simply make a round mold for the concrete. For additional aesthetic appeal, implant small stones or pieces of stained glass in fun shapes around the surface of the stone.


Concrete contractors can often make various things out of concrete, and you could also use the concrete for this side projects, such as building tables. Coordinate your table to match exterior decor by using colored concrete. The durability of concrete and its ability to hold up in extreme weather conditions makes it a great idea for any outdoor furniture.

Garden Planters

Plastic planters are thin, lightweight, and break too easily to sit outside. You need something durable when you want your plants to be safe and stay in place when it’s windy. Concrete planters offer the same benefits you want in a planter with the durability you need.


Smaller concrete garden planters can be used for vases inside the house. These are fun DIY projects because you can purchase a concrete planter and have fun with the whole family painting it. After you’re done, you can leave your art on display inside or move it outside.


Plastic sandboxes may be more mobile but not durable. Instead, consider seeing if concrete contractors can create a large box to transform into a sandbox for the kids. It’ll last for years to come! All you have to do is ensure that you have a lid that fits because a concrete lid will be too heavy, and then fill it up with sand!

Decorative Items

Concrete items don’t have to be large or bulky. Concrete can be used to craft various smaller items, including ashtrays, small sculptures, and so much more. This material works great for outdoor decorations since they aren’t at risk of blowing away or breaking in harsh weather.

Concrete contractors can supply you with the material you need to create projects around your home. For more information or to see what we can do with our quality concrete material, give GFP Mobile MIx a call today!