When considering building materials, you always want to compare cost, sustainability, safety, and durability. Concrete stands out against other building materials because it is affordable, energy-efficient, safe, and durable—and a material that can work for almost any project. Here is a more in-depth look at some of the reasons you should choose concrete over other building materials for your construction business.


One of the top qualities of concrete is its pliability and high strength. Concrete is hard when dry, yet flexible when wet; enough to be molded into any shape. Concrete is built to last quite a while. According to Giatecscientific, concrete’s lifetime is even 2-3 times longer than other materials. Concrete even gets stronger over time while other materials become weaker.

Fire-Proof and Weather Resistant

Due to its ability to absorb heat, concrete is actually fire-proof. According to ConcreteCenter, the slow rate of heat transfer allows concrete to withstand extreme fire pressure without emitting toxic gases, smoke, or molten particles. This capability alone demonstrates the power of concrete over other building materials, especially wood.

In the same way, concrete has weather-resistant properties as well. Good quality concrete is inherently waterproof and the addition of other mix components is unlikely to prevent leakage at these defects. Because there is nothing with concrete to rot or decompose, unlike wood and other materials, it is very difficult for moisture to penetrate except through joints.

Low Maintenance

Concrete is very low maintenance, in fact, it might not ever need any maintenance. Wood, or even steel, will typically need some type of replacing or retreating. This low level of maintenance not only makes concrete a simple choice but also a less expensive one over time.

If you are in the construction business, using a high-quality and durable material is a must. From high-rise buildings to suburban homes, concrete is the main building material of choice. For more information on concrete and its benefits, contact us today.