GFP Mobile Mix Supply LLC truly is a mobile concrete company.

In response to a large concrete pour on Poplar Island, GFP Mobile Mix Supply LLC was contacted because of our volumetric mixer capabilities.


The concrete spillway structure to be constructed for the Army Corps of Engineers was considered to be a “mass concrete pour” because of the sheer volume of the structure.


As such, additional engineering and monitoring steps had to be adhered to in accordance with USACE Specifications to control the potential for cracking from thermal stresses.


GFP ran several trial mix designs and ultimately a mix design of 60/40 Cement and Slag was selected, combined with water conditioning of the coarse aggregates and batching with chilled water, to meet the requirements of the thermal control plan.


GFP mobilized a 20,000 gallon Mobile Chiller Plant, over 400 tons of Sand, Stone and Cement, Four Volumetric Concrete Trucks and One Pump Truck for a successful 140 yard pour on Poplar Island.


So when faced with a concrete project that is “off the beaten path” look for GFP Mobile Mix Supply LLC to be there.