GFP Mobile Mixers are equipped with the following: 

  • High and Low Flow Admix Tank with Digital Flow Meters — Ensures the exact amount of admixture is used every time.
  • Two-Speed Cement Bin Allows operator to easily switch between concrete mixers and flowable fill applications.
  • Sand, Stone and Cement Bin Vibrators Ensures that materials are delivered at a consistent rate with pre-programmed  auto-adjustable vibrators
  • Dual Auger Cement Metering Take the guess work out of pouring with consistent mix designs within +/- 1 percent every time
  • Pump Master Auger with IBS Bearing A homogeneous mixing auger in the industry for higher discharge height than standard dual mix section augers.
  • 360 Degree Swivel Swivel chute makes concrete finishing easier by changing the flow of concrete in any direction
  • Fiber Mesh Need fibers?  No Problem. A fiber spool designed to electronically add fibers at the rate specified in the mix design up to 1.5lbs per cy
  • Wireless Remote Operators can move about the job-site while maintaining control of the mixer
  • Ticket Printer Generates custom batch tickets for each delivery/ mix charge.
  • (3) Admixture Tanks Allows trucks to carry a variety of admixtures based on orders
  • Insulated Water Tanks Our state-of-the-art-trucks are equipped with insulated tanks for heated water in winter months

GFP Mobile Mix Plant is equipped with the following:

  • Heated Aggregate Bins These bins allow us to keep our bins warm with a heated concrete floor that is serviced by a dedicated boiler
  • Automatic Bin Measurement System — This system allows us to have an endless supply of cement
  • Dedicated Boiler — For hot water in winter months to maintain concrete temperatures required by ACI
  • Temperature Controlled Storage of Trucks Valuable for night & winter pours to keep aggregates & admixtures warm.

GFP Mobile Mix Supply Volumetric Trucks are compliant with ASTM C 685/ C 685 M, AASH TO 241M and VMMB Standards.

GFP Mobile Mix Supply makes it a priority to ensure that the performance of our concrete at your site meets or exceeds specifications through our quality control program.  Our concrete mixes have been designed using current ACI methods.  We adhere to ACI, ASTM, and VMMB specifications/ standards.

We employ quality control technicians who work with our plant operator and volumetric mixer drivers to provide you with the highest quality product.

  • Testing of incoming materials for proper specifications to produce consistent, quality concrete
  • Performance Testing in the field and laboratory
  • Ongoing training and certification of quality control staff
  • GFP’s Plant and Volumetric Mixers are computerized, and utilize, the latest technology to provide accurate and quality batching of our concrete