ready-mix concrete

Concrete is a highly durable material used for various applications worldwide due to its extreme strength. According to UNSW Sydney, concrete structures can typically last up to 100 years, with some lasting much longer. Concrete mixtures and ready-mix concrete have a fascinating history. Let’s take a look.

Early Concrete

According to Civilhex Art & Engineering, ancient concrete forms were used as early as 6500 BC. Builders often used natural elements like limestone and volcanic ash or gypsum to create a form of concrete. This concrete was less durable than today’s concrete but was still functional. It was often used as mortar for stones or to build small structures.

Roman Invention

The Romans helped develop what we know as concrete in the modern era. They mixed limestone, volcanic ash, and small stones. This created the recipe that we use for things like hydraulic cement in the present day. Adding rocks and specific recipes provided strength and durability that the Romans used to build structures that we still know and love today, like the Colosseum.

The Roman Fall

When the Roman Empire fell, there was a standstill in the concrete industry. Only some empires knew the exact method used or were interested in using concrete like the Romans were. However, many became further interested in developing concrete mixtures throughout the Middle Ages. Several civilizations and empires began to create formulations for various applications.

Modern Innovations

The industrial boom of the 19th and 20th centuries saw several innovations that helped pave the road for the concrete we have today, including ready-mix concrete solutions. Iron reinforcements made it possible to use more concrete in construction projects. Portland cement was invented, making concrete more durable and more robust. Then, according to Agg-Net, ready-mix concrete was developed in the early 1900s.

Customized Solutions

As more people learned about the many benefits of concrete, it experienced a surge in popularity. This has resulted in concrete companies offering several solutions for businesses today. Companies offer more potent mixes that are ideal for infrastructure projects. Inventions like stamped and colored concrete have added appeal to concrete for business owners, too.

Modern concrete wouldn’t exist without the innovations of several people throughout history. To this day, concrete remains a sustainable source and is even recyclable. Various mixes are available for different applications, and concrete companies can work one-on-one with businesses and project managers to help them find the ideal mixture to meet their needs. Contact GFP Mobile Mix today to learn about the fantastic concrete products we offer.