Concrete is the most commonly used human-made raw material, with over 10 billion tons consumed globally every year. Preference for concrete mixes as a building material stems from its strength and durability. Most concrete structures have a lifespan of over 100 years. The right proportions, combined with proper curing time, ensure you get to enjoy long-term benefits. Choosing ready-made concrete from your local concrete supplier over on-site mixes can help you tap into better quality mixes and increased site efficiency. Here are six advantages of working with your local concrete supplier.

1. Consistent Quality Product

Proper concrete mixing is necessary for enhancing the durability and sustainability of your construction project. Ready mixes undergo stringent quality control measures to guarantee consistency of the product supplied.

Uniformity of the various batches delivered ensures the slab holds in place as one piece. High-quality concrete also ensures that your structure can withstand severe weather conditions, resist abrasion, and avoid cracking.

2. Cost-Effective

Sourcing your slab mixes from your local concrete supplier may help you save up to 15% of your construction costs. You will not require to purchase equipment and raw materials needed for concrete mixing. You will also cut down on labor cost as less workforce is necessary for preparation and pouring of the concrete. Additionally, you can save on storage and transportation costs of the raw materials required for on-site concrete mixing.

3. Customizable Orders

Construction concrete ratios vary from project to project. Fill mixes, structural mixes, self-consolidating, and colored concrete all require unique blends of the raw materials. The mechanization and control parameters of concrete suppliers can help create a made-to-order mix, customized to your construction needs. The automation of the mixing process allows correct measurement of required raw materials, thus reducing wastage.

4. Exact Quantity Supply

The use of ready-made concrete mixers allows the delivery of the precise amount of concrete required for your project. The trucks fitted with sensors calculate the amount of slump poured onto the foundation of your building. Most mixers can deliver between 15-20 cubic meters per hour. The calculations are essential in evaluating the volume of concrete required to complete the project. Volumetric concrete delivery helps avoid wastages as you get the exact quantity of ready-mix required.

5. Prompt Delivery

Time is valuable in any construction project. Constant delays from late deliveries for raw materials can easily stall your project. Contracting your local concrete supplier may help keep your construction on time with the instant delivery of ready-mix concrete. Are you working with an accelerated schedule? No worries. Most concrete suppliers have truckloads of concrete on standby ready to be delivered to your site on short notice.

6. Eco-friendly

On-site concrete mixing can be messy and with a lot of wastage. You can worry less about waste management while working with a concrete supplier in Delaware. Most concrete mixers deliver a precise volume of cement aggregates, thus reducing wastage of expensive raw material. Concrete is easily recycled and reused in other mixtures, aiding to manage construction wastes effectively.

In Conclusion

A ready supply of concrete is essential in completing your projects within the desired time frame. You can meet all your construction needs by choosing a local concrete supplier for volumetric concrete delivery.