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According to Bob Vila, the stability of a sidewalk is affected when it has cracks that measure wider than half an inch. If you’re a concrete contractor who wants to make sure that your clients’ surfaces are in good repair, continue reading to learn more about a few signs that it’s time for concrete repair.

1. Cracks and an Uneven Appearance

Every concrete contractor knows that there’ll be some surface cracks. But, it’s important to also address any cracks that have been wider than a half inch. You don’t want the stability of a sidewalk or parking lot to decrease due to wear and tear. With proper maintenance, concrete can last for decades. Make sure that your clients are receiving the maintenance services they need to keep their concrete functioning and looking great for many years to come.

2. Standing or Pooling Water

Whenever there’s pooling water on any paved surface, it’s never a good sign. If there’s standing water after a storm, it’s a sign that there’s a drainage problem. As we all know, repeated submersion and pooling water can work to degrade even the toughest surfaces. Without proper drainage in place, concrete will not last as long as its potential lifespan, and will likely require more repairs than average. Fortunately, when issues like pooling water and lack of drainage are dealt with swiftly, concrete can continue to last for many years. It’s important to act right away when it comes to any water issues and concrete.

3. It’s Just Old

Concrete doesn’t last forever, and when it’s nearing the end of its usable life, more and more problems will tend to crop up. Uneven and cracked surfaces are just the beginning. Potholes can also be a result of aging. Parking lots and other large paved surfaces should be re-installed once the current concrete looks a bit worse for wear. Patching up holes and cracks and trying to keep pace with a deteriorating surface can only last so long. Concrete surfaces that constantly require repair mean that it’s time to seriously consider having the surface repaved.

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