Volumetric concrete is a type of prestressed concrete where the tensioning tendons are not applied to the outside surface of the member. In this case, the tendons are applied in an internal volumetric structure that maintains more even distribution of compressive load across the cross-section. This allows floor members with less depth than standard structural systems, saving material and cost. It also gives the members better behavior under torsion than other prestressed concrete constructions for comparable depth. The following are some uses of volumetric concrete.

Volumetric Concrete Is Great for Creating Durable and Versatile Floors

According to experts, commercial flooring accounted for 53.95% of the concrete flooring market revenue and volume in 2019. Volumetric concrete is designed to be helpful in as many ways as possible. It offers floor-like surfaces that can withstand heavy traffic and resist wear and tear while simultaneously providing the ability to install cables or wires easily.

Volumetric Concrete Is Often Used for Retail Spaces but Has Value in Other Areas as Well

Although many people get this material from a local concrete supplier for retail purposes, volumetric concrete uses extend far beyond shopping spaces. It is valuable for training facilities, theaters, office spaces, or any space that requires a bit of versatility. The ability to support heavy weights with minimal thickness is an important feature of this flooring system. It also makes the material easy to finish with standard sealants and paints for decoration purposes.

Volumetric Concrete Floors Can Be Installed With Ease and Finished Easily

Before getting concrete from a local concrete supplier, it is vital to know how to use the product. Volumetric concrete is particularly helpful in improving the ease of wiring conference rooms and auditoriums for sound, lighting, and video. It can also be used for basements or underground structures where cables can cross long distances without easy access to power sources. The installation process uses both precast methods and cable installation techniques. This is very efficient labor and time with a reliable local concrete supplier.

Businesses and facilities find that they can get more out of their floors with new material from a local concrete supplier, volumetric concrete. Volumetric concrete’s many forms make it useful for all facilities, from retail to education to entertainment. It is an excellent choice for meeting several design criteria at once. The ease of installation and finishing, combined with excellent durability, means that the floors do not require intensive maintenance.