It’s hard to imagine a modern world without concrete. The human-made raw material is the most commonly used building product-from interstate highways to kitchen countertops. The world produces more than 7 billion cubic meters of concrete annually. This is approximately a cubic meter for every human on the planet!

Concrete’s incredible strength and versatility make it an ideal construction material for today’s modern life. Volumetric concrete delivery allows a local industrial supplier to provide fresh concrete to your construction site for the exact amount that you need.

Want to know more? Read on to learn more about the five merits of opting for volumetric concrete supply for your project.

1. Precise Quality Control

Using volumetric concrete delivery provides the ultimate control over the consistency of your concrete. The fundamental concept of the operation of mobile volumetric mixers is volume and not weight. With over 10 billion tons of concrete produced in the US, the greatest challenge relates to effecting tighter controls over quality, quantity, and timing of the ingredients. Mix-on-site concrete suppliers store all ingredients separately until batching, giving you greater control over the consistency of the product. Mix requirements can change on-site without necessitating a return to the batch plant.

2. Fresh Concrete at all Times

As the concrete supplier mixes the ingredients on site, the pour is always fresh. Volumetric concrete delivery works through a ‘mobile batch-plant’ that holds unmixed sand, cement, coarse aggregates, water, and other additives on the job site. Upon request, the supplier mixes the ingredients, pouring a fresh batch of concrete. Using volumetric mixers over traditional drum mixers eliminates the unforeseen risks and delays that may affect concrete curing.

3. Exact Quantity Supply

The automated mixers of today provide an extremely accurate amount of concrete required for the project. With volumetric concrete delivery, the concrete supplier in Delaware can batch the product to the exact volume that you require. You only pay for what you use on-site, without part-load charges. The truck has sensors that calculate the ratios of ingredients used as well as the volume of concrete that you slump on your slab. If you have a smaller site, the volumetric mixer can produce the smaller volume that you require without wastage.

4. Cost-Effective

Sourcing your slab mixes from a volumetric concrete delivery service can save you about 40% of your concrete costs. The mix-on-site supply allows you to tailor the type of mix you want, reducing excesses and wastage. You only get to pay for what you order. Besides, you also get to save on storage and transportation costs incurred when using other concrete supply methods.

5. Prompt Delivery

Most construction projects are usually time-bound. Volumetric concrete delivery provides for a ready supply of concrete mix on site. You can eliminate unforeseen delays such as traffic snarl-ups, common in traditional drum mixers. Delays may increase the risk of the concrete drying off, which may affect the curing process.

A concrete supply is a vital part of any construction project. If you wish to find out more about volumetric concrete delivery for your job site, feel free to contact us at GFP Mobile Mix Supply. Our team would be happy to discuss the specific requirements for your concrete needs.