You’re in the business of using concrete for laying out floors, driveways, and walkways outside and inside commercial buildings and residential homes. What should you be looking for and asking your prospective concrete supplier before signing a contract or ordering materials? Experienced concrete suppliers can deliver materials on time, make changes needed more quickly, and communicate information faster. Of course, experience isn’t everything. Below are questions you should ask and what to look for in a concrete supplier.

Look for Companies Close to Your Business

Look for an experienced company located near your business like GFP Mobile Mix. It’s typically recommended to hire an industrial supply company that’s within an hour of your business so you can be sure your cement mix is ready to be used quickly and efficiently. A quality supplier will have the experience and the materials you need to do the project. Some companies will give customers tracking numbers to track their concrete orders. This gives you time to plan work schedules more efficiently.

What Experience Do You Have?

Read online reviews of the concrete suppliers and ask them for references. Look for several years of experience and staff that has training and experience in the concrete industry. They should have large capacity trucks that can deliver large loads of concrete when you need it and smaller trucks for smaller orders. A business with a large fleet of trucks can serve your needs more easily.

Do They Have Dispatchers?

Another important question to consider when you’re looking for an industrial supply company is whether or not they have dispatchers that you can contact when you need them. Consult with your industrial supply company before you decide to work with them. Do they have dispatchers that you can talk to or chat with online another modern way of communicating? If they don’t have dispatchers, they ought to have some form of customer service you can contact when necessary.

Is the Pricing for Their Products Fair?

Finally, you can get an estimate from the industrial supply company you’re considering working with to get a better idea of whether they’re in your budget. Be sure they are licensed, insured, and offer a contract with their services. Look for fair prices and beware of prices that are too low.

If you’re in need of an industrial supply company, look no further than GFP Mobile Mix. We have the quality concrete you need to get the job done right. For more information or to get an estimate on our concrete supplies, contact GFP Mobile Mix today.