Concrete is an amazing material with many possibilities for use. One potential application of concrete is in decorating and improving your home. If you’re wondering about the specific ways in which you can put concrete to use in your home, read on to see three amazing home applications of decorative concrete.

Make a Concrete Patio

Patios are an exceptionally popular home feature because they provide a space outside for friends and family to relax and entertain. It’ll look chic and elegant, and the color of raw concrete easily matches your outdoor decor. The project itself is cost-effective since it has a great return on investment (ROI). What’s more, you can make your outdoor patio as big as you want. Whether you want a small and simple patio or a larger scale patio with separate areas for an outdoor kitchen, talk to your concrete contractors to plan out the space.

Make a Concrete Garden Walkway

Another amazing project that you can use decorative concrete for is a walkway for your garden. This is also very easy to do and it lends itself well to experimenting and customizing the final outcome. From circular and rectangular shapes and even freeform with some additional decoration in the form of pretty rocks, you can get a concrete walkway for your garden in a single afternoon if you put your mind to it.

Make a Concrete Fire Pit

The third idea of a project that you can do is to make a fire pit. This will be a decorative concrete project that also serves a functional purpose. Great for warming up on chilly days when you want to sit outdoors, you can choose from a number of shapes and sizes for this project too. Fit the fire pit perfectly in your space and set it up in the right area so that you can make the most of it. It will be a sure conversation starter if you do it right.

According to data, 53.95% of the market for concrete flooring was accounted for by commercial flooring in terms of both volume and revenue in 2019. This is a large proportion and it shows the preference for concrete. Put it to use around your own home by picking one of the three decorative concrete ideas above.