If you’re like most people, when you think of concrete you, think of a driveway or a sidewalk. However, concrete is used to make more than just driveways. In fact, about 70% of the global population lives in a home that is fabricated from concrete, according to Global Initiative. What else is made from concrete? Here are five things that are made from concrete that are going to surprise you!

1. Countertops

Countertops made from concrete are all the rage right now. Many homeowners are taking advantage of the cost-effectiveness of using this material to craft countertops. It’s a highly durable material that can be stained and designed to look like high-end stone. It’s heat-resistant, mar-resistant, and stain-resistant when properly sealed.

2. Furniture

Need some durable outdoor furniture? Look no further than concrete-styled couches, tables, and more. Some people are even using them indoors. Check out Pinterest and you’ll see stools, tables, and more all made from concrete in the most stylish homes.

3. Cabinet Pulls

Stylish cabinet pulls are popping up everywhere, and you guessed it, they are made from concrete. These cabinet and drawer pulls are molded into interesting shapes and painted with a coat of enamel to deliver a one-of-a-kind unique addition to kitchens and baths.

4. Planters

Check out your neighbor’s yard and you’ll likely see stone planters. These durable, stylish planters are gracing backyards and front porches across the country. They are durable and lend a rugged aesthetic.

5. Wine Chillers

Wine lovers are finding the perfect vessel to chill their wine in concrete wine chillers. It makes a great insulator for the cold and will keep your wine at the perfect temperature. People use these chillers not only to chill their wine but to hold their kitchen utensils as well.

Get the Concrete You Need

Since ancient times, this mix of sand, cement, water, and aggregate has been used in construction and crafting. If you’re in need of concrete supply for your industrial projects or business, look no further than GFP Mobile Mix. We have the high-quality concrete you need to make sure your project stays in great shape. Contact us today for more information or to learn more about how concrete can be used.