industrial concrete supply

When you think of ways to use concrete, you may think of some of the most common usages, including driveways, sidewalks, patios, and pool surrounds. However, while these are all ways that concrete can be used, there are also a few interesting and lesser-known ways that concrete from an industrial concrete supply can be used. Here are three ways to use concrete that you might not have thought of.


One of the ways that concrete can be used is for concrete flooring. Concrete floors are extremely strong and durable. They also require very little maintenance. They can have different coatings applied to them to help add color or style to the floor and make it look much more decorative than traditional concrete. When it comes to concrete flooring, commercial concrete floors accounted for just under 54% of the concrete flooring market in 2019, according to Grand View Research.


Another way that concrete can be used is to create countertops. Concrete countertops utilize concrete purchased from an industrial concrete supply company. A mold is then formed where the countertops go, and the concrete is poured by hand into that mold. Once the concrete hardens, you have a strong and durable countertop that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Concrete countertops can be used for both kitchens and bathrooms.


A third way that concrete can be used is to create shelving. Traditionally, shelving is created out of wood or metal materials. However, wood and metal shelving does not have a long lifespan, and it can only hold a limited amount of weight. If you want shelving that is strong, durable, and long-lasting, having custom-made shelves made out of concrete may be the ideal option for you. These shelves are perfect if you want open storage in your kitchen or you want shelving in your living room.

Concrete can be used in many different ways around a home or business. Some of the lesser-known ways that concrete can be used include using concrete as flooring, for countertops, or to create shelving in a home or business. If you have a project that is being completed and you are using concrete, you’ll want to order your concrete from a reliable industrial concrete supply company. GFP Mobile Mix can help you get the concrete you need for your project. Call us now to place an order.