street and sidewalk repairs

People tend to ignore the exterior aspects of their homes, such as their garages, driveways, streets, and sidewalks until the situation deteriorates to the point where repairs are necessary. By that point, the condition of the places in question may be so bad that it will cost thousands of dollars to carry out street and sidewalk repairs. Below are the signs that you need to repair your sidewalk.

1. Surface with Cracks

Driveways and sidewalks are two areas constantly subjected to the elements, including varying degrees of weather and temperature. The sidewalks will develop a few cracks over time. Small cracks that are nearly impossible to see are typically unremarkable. On the other hand, cracks wider than half an inch point to a significant issue with the stability of the sidewalk slab. Early detection has the potential to prevent an eventual tripping hazard.

2. Broken Edges

The edges of sidewalks frequently give way to excessive loads or pressure and crumble away, particularly in areas with a lot of foot traffic. If there is no immediate repair, the broken edges can obstruct underground drainage paths, create a tripping hazard for pedestrians, and lead to even more decay. It is necessary to remove any concrete or asphalt that may be present in the affected areas and then replace it with an entirely new set of edges.

3. Faded Colors

A newly laid concrete sidewalk has a look and feel of asphalt, with a solid gray color. Prolonged exposure to snow and sunlight can eventually turn the color into a dull, spotty light gray that is rather unappealing. Even though this may not appear to be a significant problem, the solid-colored surface of the sidewalk protects the underlying layers from the effects of the weather.

If the color disappears, the core structure becomes more fragile and is more likely to sustain damage, which may manifest as cracks. Consequently, if you notice that the color is fading, it could be a bad sign, and you should carry out immediate street and sidewalk repairs by replacing them with a fresh coat to preserve their strength.

In conclusion, if you notice any of the signs listed above, do not hesitate to look for a qualified team that can provide street and sidewalk repairs to return them to their original level, smoothness, and strength. Give us a call today for all of your sidewalk needs.