Does your company have a project planned that requires a significant amount of concrete? If so, you’ll need a local concrete supplier who can meet your needs and your budget. If your area is like most, there may be a lot to choose from, but there are certain elements to look for. The challenge is determining which company is right for you.

If you’ve never shopped for concrete suppliers before, the process may be overwhelming. What is the difference between different materials? How do you know if a supplier is credible? There are many different factors involved so it may be challenging to know which supplier is the right one for your project. Below are three qualities to look for in your concrete supplier, all of which are exemplified in GFP Mobil Mix.

1. Nearby Location

Distance is important when it comes to concrete. Concrete needs to be poured as soon as possible after it’s mixed. Most suppliers mix the concrete at their facility and keep it mixing in trucks until they get to the job site. While the facility doesn’t need to be right next door, it does need to be close enough that the concrete will still be a good consistency by the time the truck arrives at your job.

2. Truck Fleet Size

Speaking of trucks, the amount of trucks that the company has is also an important quality. Like most companies in the construction industry, most concrete suppliers work with multiple customers at a time. You want a company that has a large enough fleet that trucks aren’t double-booked. A local concrete supplier that has a large fleet is likely experienced enough that they can handle multiple jobs at one time. You won’t have to worry about your job getting delayed because a truck is stuck at another site.

3. Reputation

Reputation is everything in construction trades, and concrete is no exception. Start your search online and read the reviews and people’s past experiences. Also, ask other businesses that had recent construction projects how their project went with GFP Mobil Mix. Most business owners are happy to share their vendors if they had a good experience. There’s no better research than talking to a past customer, and we can guarantee you’ll hear great things about our services.

According to the UNSW News Room, concrete structures can last up to 100 years when properly installed and built with the right methods and materials. Are you ready to start the process of creating a long-lasting concrete project? Contact GFP Mobil Mix today to start the conversation.