decorative concrete

When you think about lawn decor, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Well, more and more Americans are picturing walkways and decorative driveways in their dream homes. Concrete is one of the sturdiest materials out there, so using it for these decorative lawn accents is a no-brainer. This blog is all about decorative concrete and why it is a fundamental material for construction businesses to keep stocked and readily available.

Concrete Steps

Decorative concrete steps are one of the most popular accents that homeowners are looking to incorporate into their porches and backyards. Whether it be stairs leading to the front door, or even a single step up to the garden, concrete steps are perfect for bringing a lawn’s look together. They are also incredibly durable. Concrete structures can last longer than 100 years.

Many pool-owners also have concrete steps installed near their semi-inground pools. Doing concrete work close to a hot tub or pool may also require special attention from a concrete contractor. Decorative concrete is the most popular choice for pools because of its ability to be textured. This is a preferred alternative to the slipperiness of tile for families with young children.

Concrete Driveways

In the Midwest, decorative concrete driveways have been a stylistic choice for several years. When the weather is so dry and humid, it allows for many more different driveway styles to be laid. Decorative and architectural concrete driveways come in many different colors, so there is always a shade that can complement a client’s house perfectly. The style doesn’t affect the quality of the driveway, or even how easy it is to drive on.

Other Decorative Concrete Accents

Decorative concrete is also in high demand for its purely aesthetic value. Clients are using this style of finished concrete for their flowerbeds, fountains, and even their indoor floors. Decorative concrete can be made to look like wooden paneling, so indoor concrete is becoming more and more mainstream. Using specialty grouts in addition to decorative concrete can make a gorgeous cobblestone garden path.

Clearly, your local concrete supplier should stock up on more than just ready mix concrete. Decorative concrete and finishes are used in so many different projects that investing in it is crucial. Offering decorative concrete services in your business can bring you many new leads and clients, as well as inspire new projects from your existing clients. If you’re ready to add decorative concrete to your list of offerings from your construction business, give us a call today!